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Very personable and always informative. Scott has been looking after my needs in this area for 5 to 6 years (with 2 years off when I relocated to South Carolina. I'm back now and re enjoying his service.
Terry Pilon, on Google
I was visiting family there in Oro Valley. Jumped into the pool with my hearing aids in. One fell out and was on the bottom for about 4 minutes. My optician said, "get them in a dehumidifier stat"! Monica and Sound Point came through like heroes. I let my aids dry for 3 days and, wow, they work! Thank you Monica and SoundPoint Hearing!
Mike South, on Google
have tried at least 4 different aids during the past few years and the ones Scott Esbit at Oro Valley provided for me are by far the best performing ones I have had. Scott has been very patient and professional during the adjustment period. No hearing aids will ever restore perfect hearing, but these are the best I have encountered so far.
Don Minow, on Google
I have been wearing hearing aids for over 50 years and I have been associated with many hearing aid people in the business. In my opinion there are few that deliver the service and help that Scott does. He is always very concerned and so helpful. He wants the best his aids can deliver for you and works until he has them performing just that way. He is very professional and I feel lucky to be under his guidance. Since I have moved away I realize this even more, but he still helps me over the phone and keeps me going. A great person that I appreciate so much and feel lucky to know. Harold Steffens
Harold Steffens, on Google
Monica is extremely helpful. There was an issue with my insurance that took almost a year to correct but they let me have my hearing aids the entire time while they were working it out!
Betsy Hazel, on Google

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