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I had been worried about my hearing loss for some time. When I received a mailer from Soundpoint, I bit the bullet and made an appointment. First of all, what a bunch of nice people. They took their time with me, educated me, and tested. It turns out I'm not ready for any hearing assistance and yeah, I'm happy about that. But I'm really happy about taking that worry off my shoulders and knowing a lot more about hearing than I did an hour ago. THANK YOU!
Mark Silva, on Google
I have since visited SoundPoint and was measured for special molds to fit the ear canal. Scott was responsible to see that the original fit for the aids I had received did not fit properly, hence the fitting for the special molds. I have since received new hearing aids, prepared with the special fittings, and am now wearing new hearing aids which fit comfortably in my ears. Many thanks to Scott for his investigation to accommodate me with these special aids. I now have hearing aids which I can wear each day, and the aids are so comfortable that they feel like they belong in my ears. Thanks much, Scott, a Technician who knows how to fix a problem as delicate as something being worn in your ears.
Michael Gaillard, on Google
I have been wearing hearing aids for over 50 years and I have been associated with many hearing aid people in the business. In my opinion there are few that deliver the service and help that Scott does. He is always very concerned and so helpful. He wants the best his aids can deliver for you and works until he has them performing just that way. He is very professional and I feel lucky to be under his guidance. Since I have moved away I realize this even more, but he still helps me over the phone and keeps me going. A great person that I appreciate so much and feel lucky to know. Harold Steffens
Harold Steffens, on Google
Very personable and always informative. Scott has been looking after my needs in this area for 5 to 6 years (with 2 years off when I relocated to South Carolina. I'm back now and re enjoying his service.
Terry Pilon, on Google

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