Chris Crane writes: I received yearly hearing tests as a Law Enforcement Officer engaged in numerous specialty teams which all fired munitions in all varieties. Even after being the RANGEMASTER, which meant I was exposed to small caliber , large caliber and explosive discharges daily, my hearing was always "within normal range" per the Dept paid audiologist, even though I couldn't hear voices over the ringing in my ears. My co-workers at the time told me again and again to seek a professional consultation and get hearing assistance before retiring. I was always too busy. Having finally gone to Hearing Instrument Specialist Scott Esbit at SOUNDPOINT HEARING CENTERS in Oro Valley AZ., I see what type of testing I should have been getting. Very much looking forward to being able to hear normal conversations again. If you can relate to my story, get your hearing checked properly, now.
Chris Crane, on Google
Wonderful small local place in Scott audiologist was wonderful with my 92 year old mother! And when we found out how bad her hearing really was I was so happy to have new hearing aids that are small and fit her little ears and we can all watch TV together again. Thank you some point, and I found them on the Internet and locally!
Terry Daniels, on Google
I am so pleased with the ongoing professional and genuine care I have received thus far and continue to receive as an ongoing client with SoundPoint Hearing Center on Oracle Road in Tucson. The hearing aids I now have are exceptional and have been a life-changer. Thank you Scott Esbit and Crystal Fernandez for all you guys do to help those who need hearing aids! I encourage anyone with difficulty hearing to not be discouraged and move forward to get the right hearing instruments for you! This a terrific place to start that process! Thanks!!
Ninian Williams, on Google
I've been going to Sound Point since they fitted me with hearing aids, about 4 years now. In both their old location and the new one, I've received excellent service. Any concern I've had has been addressed and resolved. Both Scott, Landon and Monica and their new receptionist are friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend them.
Carol Petrakos, on Google

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