May 17, 2015

Dear Debora,

This letter is written to transmit my (our) thanks and gratitude for the work that you did with my wife, Sandy, on Wednesday, May 13th at SoundPoint in Oro Valley, Arizona. We were your last clients on that day. You spent an inordinate amount of time tuning and re-tuning Sandy’s hearing aids.

We have been going to SoundPoint for about a year, and before that to El Dorado Audiology for about two years in order to find a person, find hearing aids, and having proper tuning performed. No one had ever spent as much time explaining what they were attempting to do, nor asking as many questions of Sandy as you did on the 13th. She is now hearing as well as she has in at least four years — and it is all due to your extra efforts and attention to detail on Wednesday the 13th.

Your follow-up call to Sandy on Thursday the 14th as you were returning from an out-of-Tucson assignment was nice, as professional, and as appreciated as anything you could have done. It was icing on the cake to know that someone really did care enough to check and see how things were going after a number of major changes in the settings of Sandy’s hearing aids. As it turned out, we returned to SoundPoint for just one minor “fix” on Friday afternoon by Monica — which made the equipment about as good as it’s going to get, I think.

Thank you very much for your patience, for sharing you knowledge of your business in such a way as we could understand exactly what you were doing, and, most important, “fixing” the hearing aids so that she can hear me, the TV and others so much better. She is very happy, which makes me very happy.

With Much Gratitude,

John and Sandy Alton